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Unficyp Watching Closely Turkish Works in Dherynia

UN peacekeepers are closely monitoring Turkish activities near Dherynia’s buffer zone, addressing concerns of possible militarization and reinforcing their commitment to stability and peace in the region. The mayor of Dherynia has expressed concern about suspicious digging activities that may indicate preparations for military defenses, highlighting the fragility of peace in the historically complex region and calling for transparency and reassurance from the UN.

buffer zone dispute unficyp

Urgent Plea to Unficyp for Intervention in Buffer Zone Dispute

The urgent plea to Unficyp is for immediate intervention in the buffer zone dispute in Cyprus, following two separate incursions by Turkish troops that violated the status quo in the Ayios Dhometios buffer zone. The plea calls for action to address and reverse these violations, which have raised stability concerns in the region.

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