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A Journey of Courage on Canvas

Dinga’s upcoming art exhibition “5 Faces” is a poignant exploration of his life journey portrayed through African masks representing key stages—childhood, chaos, darkness, discovery, and peace. Every stroke on the canvas reflects resilience, identity, and transformation, making it a vivid dialogue on the power of art to narrate our stories.

identity third culture kid

Navigating Identity: The Third Culture Kid Experience

In Cyprus, the unique blend of cultures has given rise to a significant population of Third Culture Kids (TCKs), individuals who navigate multiple cultural identities. Growing up in a melting pot of nationalities, TCKs in Cyprus embody a rich tapestry of experiences, shaping their fluid sense of belonging in a globalized world.

politics racism

Arikli brands CTP ‘MP’ racist

Erhan Arikli, the transport minister, accused Ceyhun Birinci, a CTP MP in Cyprus, of racism after a heated exchange about identity in parliament. The confrontation sheds light on deeper issues of belonging and racism in a country with a divided past, sparking broader discussions on unity and acceptance.

public relations experiential marketing

MSPS toasts revamped identity, philosophy at new offices

MSPS Cyprus unveils a new brand identity and philosophy with the motto “People. Drive. Growth.” at its new offices on Archbishop Makarios III Avenue, Nicosia. The celebration marks a commitment to innovation and excellence in public relations and experiential marketing, setting the stage for a future filled with promise and success.

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