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Weather Update: Varied Conditions Across the Region

The region will see a mix of scattered showers, dust, and rising temperatures this week, with winds picking up on the south coast. By the end of the week, expect clearer skies and a gradual warmup, providing a pleasant opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities. Stay tuned to local forecasts for the latest updates.

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Forecast Update: Mixed Weather Conditions Ahead

Throughout the week, a mix of weather conditions is expected. Tuesday will bring partly cloudy skies with isolated showers, potentially turning into thunderstorms in the south. Temperatures will vary from 23°C inland to 12°C in the mountains, alongside moderate to strong winds up to 6 Beaufort. Nighttime will bring clear skies and a temperature drop, urging people to bundle up as temperatures reach 9°C inland and 4°C in the mountains.

weather rain

Today’s Weather: Partial Clouds, Rains, and Dust

Today’s weather in Cyprus will feature partial clouds, possible rains, and dust in the air. Temperatures will be mild, reaching 22°C inland, 20°C along the coast, and 13°C in the mountains. The extended forecast indicates a mix of clouds, rain, and even snow on mountaintops, with temperatures staying above average.

weather forecast

A Sunny Sunday Ahead with Rain on the Horizon

This Sunday will see clear skies and temperatures around 22 degrees Celsius before a shift towards cooler, rainier weather on Monday with increased cloudiness and scattered showers on the horizon. As the week progresses, expect lower temperatures, potential rainfall, and heightened dust levels in the air, necessitating rain gear and precautions for those sensitive to dust.

violence at football matches arrests

Escalation of Violence at Football Matches: Arrests and Injuries Reported

In response to a recent escalation of violence at football matches in Limassol and Nicosia, the police have made arrests and are conducting investigations under the Law on Violence in Sports Venues. The Special Police Unit intervened during clashes, and those detained face charges like possession of weapons and causing bodily harm. Ongoing inquiries aim to ensure safety and prevent future incidents.

weather rain

Today’s Weather: Wet and Windy

Today in Cyprus, the weather will be wet and windy with rain and isolated thunderstorms moving across the regions. Temperatures will range from 21C inland to 23C in the north, 22C in other coastal areas, and 12C in the mountains. Winds will vary from weak to strong, reaching up to 5 Beaufort, and mariners should exercise caution as seas will be rough.

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App for detection of brain injuries in footballers introduced

The BioEye app, a mobile application designed to detect brain injuries in footballers by tracking eye movements, has been introduced. It aims to enhance player safety by conducting quick tests, storing medical history, and facilitating data transmission to doctors, serving as a preventative tool under medical supervision.

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