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Remembering Martin Hellicar: A Pillar of Cypriot Conservation

Martin Hellicar’s legacy in Cyprus as the director of BirdLife Cyprus was one of groundbreaking conservation projects and unwavering dedication to protecting the island’s biodiversity, inspiring future generations to preserve the natural world. His impact extended beyond professional achievements, reflecting his deep respect and love for nature, leaving a lasting influence on environmental advocacy in Cyprus and beyond.

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NGOs Call for Halt to Akamas Developments

Environmental NGOs are urging a halt to road expansions in Akamas National Park due to concerns over legal process adherence and the risk to local biodiversity. Improvements to main forest roads are proceeding without a comprehensive reevaluation, threatening endemic bird species and flora, and bypassing the special ecological assessment report’s recommendations.

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Understanding the Gentle Giant: The Giant Water Bug in Cyprus

The recently discovered Giant Water Bug in Cyprus, Lethocerus patruelis, feeds on aquatic arthropods, tadpoles, and small fish, playing a crucial role in maintaining ecosystem balance. Contrary to misconceptions, they do not pose a threat to humans and do not bite human toes, as confirmed by researchers from the Cyprus Wildlife Research Institute.

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Cyprus Referred to EU Court Over Environmental Concerns

Cyprus faces EU legal action for failing to protect its designated Special Areas of Conservation, risking biodiversity preservation and breaching the Habitats Directive. The country’s delay in establishing conservation measures for the majority of its SACs has led to a referral to the European Court of Justice, highlighting the significance of complying with environmental regulations to safeguard ecosystems and species.

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Ministry Passes Responsibility Over Controversial Book Removal

The controversy over the removal of a children’s book featuring gay parents underscores the ongoing battle for inclusivity in education. LGBT rights groups demand accountability from the education ministry, emphasizing the importance of representing diverse families in educational materials and challenging societal values.

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Exploring the Natural Wonders of Akamas National Park

Akamas National Park in Cyprus is a natural sanctuary known for its biodiversity, including 168 bird species, 20 reptiles, and 16 butterflies. It contains 39 of Cyprus’s 128 endemic plant species. Historically, it’s tied to Greek mythology and was used for British military exercises until 2000. The park’s stunning geology features diverse rocks and striking formations like the Avakas Gorge.

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