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The Transformative Power of Make-up: Artistry and Expression in Cyprus

In Cyprus, Ilona G Garamvölgyi views makeup as a powerful tool for artistry and personal expression, connecting women to their heritage and empowering them through beauty. Her studio in Nicosia is a sanctuary where clients embark on transformative beauty journeys, guided by her handson approach and philosophy that emphasizes education as much as aesthetics.

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Miss Hair & Beauty Salon: A Premier Salon Experience in Nicosia

Get a premier salon experience with personalized service and European standards at Miss Hair & Beauty Salon in Nicosia. Led by Londontrained beauty therapist Sukran Paralik, the salon offers a wide range of treatments, including body therapies, facials, massages, professional makeup, and more, using highquality brands such as Dermalogica, BDR, Caci, MAC, and Essie products. Contact them via email or visit their Facebook page for more information.

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