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Strengthening Firefighting Efforts Through Aviation

The government is taking bold steps to fortify firefighting against wildfires by acquiring ten private aircraft, injecting €5.5 million into ground resources, integrating aviation into the National Guard, reopening the forestry college for workforce training, and enacting stricter legislation against arson. These endeavors are geared towards bolstering both ground and aerial response capacities, marking a proactive stance in combating the escalating threat of wildfires in the nation.

aviation artificial intelligence

Cyprus Embracing AI in Aviation, Eyes Regional Role

Cyprus is taking a bold leap into the future of aviation by integrating artificial intelligence and cybersecurity into its aviation sector, paving the way for innovation and enhanced safety in the skies. Through strategic collaborations and initiatives like hosting international conferences and partnering with EATEO, the country is positioning itself as a vanguard in embracing advanced technologies for economic growth and regional leadership.

aviation history restoration

A New Life for a Historic Olympic Airways Boeing 727

The restored Olympic Airways Boeing 727, “Mount Olympus,” serves as a tribute to Greece’s aviation legacy and the golden era of air travel. Renovated by Andreas Christodoulides, the aircraft now resides at the former Athens’ Ellinikon airport, symbolizing freedom, luxury, and technological innovation.

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