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The Awaited Determination of Thanasis Nicolaou’s Fate

Thanasis Nicolaou’s 2005 death remains shrouded in mystery, with questions of murder or suicide at the forefront. The upcoming verdict on May 10 will determine the fate of this longdebated case, finally providing closure to the unresolved question of what truly happened to Nicolaou nearly two decades ago.

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Tatar Requests Help from Greek Cypriots in Finding Woman’s Killers

Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar urgently appeals to Greek Cypriot authorities for help in capturing the suspects of Ayca Alav’s horrific murder in northern Nicosia. Alav was found tied and gagged, and died from neck compression and asphyxia. The suspected killers are believed to have fled to the south, highlighting the need for crossborder cooperation in the pursuit of justice.

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Arrest Made After Attempted Murder in Paphos

A 21yearold man was arrested in Paphos for attempted murder after attacking a 36yearold Syrian asylum seeker, causing lifethreatening injuries. The incident has raised concerns about the safety and support of asylum seekers in the area, with local police continuing to investigate the case.

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Delay in Justice for Turkish Cypriot Teenager’s Murder Case

The trial of Sefer Bugra Altundag, accused of murdering Zehie Helin Reessur, a Turkish Cypriot girl, has been postponed again due to his lawyer’s request for more time to consult. This delay, which marks almost a year since the proceedings began, is causing mounting concerns over timely justice as the community and the grieving family anxiously await closure.

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Four Murder Suspects to Remain in Custody

Four murder suspects accused in Thanasis Kalogeropoulos’s murder will remain in custody until their trial on January 23, 2024, as the Limassol Court extended their detention due to the risk of them fleeing before the trial. The prosecution presented evidence linking the suspects to the crime and argued for their continued detention.

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Paphos Incident: Court Orders Suspect Detained Pre-Trial

In a dramatic courtroom scene, a 34yearold man accused of attempted murder in Paphos was ordered to remain in custody until his trial due to the high risk of him fleeing the country and engaging in further criminal activities. The suspect faces charges including attempted murder, illegal firearm possession, and handling explosives, with his next court hearing scheduled for January 25.

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