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Cyprus Business Now

The Hotel Summit & Exhibition in Cyprus is a crucial event for hospitality industry leaders to discuss trends and strategies amidst challenges like ‘bleisure’ travel, digital nomadism, sustainability, and disruptive technologies. Scheduled for its 45th edition at the City of Dreams Mediterranean hotel in Limassol, the event serves as a strategic hub for insights and adaptation in the dynamic hospitality sector.

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Paphos Tourism Stakeholders Plan to Boost Wedding Tourism

Paphos tourism stakeholders are determined to boost wedding tourism by promoting the region as a top wedding destination through digital initiatives and specialized exhibitions. They plan to target both traditional markets like the UK and new markets such as Poland, Lebanon, and France while addressing challenges like piracy and venue fees to attract more couples looking to say “I do” in picturesque Paphos.

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Cyprus Business Now: Weekly Wrap-up

This week in Cyprus, the Bank of Cyprus reported a profit after tax of €487 million, showcasing financial stability. Meanwhile, the Poseidonia Hotel in Limassol is spearheading a sustainable transition, and the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority called for renewable energy reforms to drive transformation.

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Cyprus tourism ministry announces plan to improve beaches

Cyprus plans to enhance its beaches’ quality by 2024 with improvements in environmental standards, plastic pollution reduction, and accessibility, aligning with the Blue Flag programme and supporting the ‘Sand and Sea plasticfree initiative.’ The tourism ministry aims for comprehensive, sustainable tourism development by upgrading beach amenities and infrastructure to showcase the country’s natural beauty and promote inclusivity.

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Strengthening Support for Island Tourism

Cyprus is advocating for tailored support measures from the EU to bolster island tourism, including a panEuropean electronic job recruitment platform and initiatives for sustainable tourism and digital transformation. Deputy Minister of Tourism, Kostas Koumis, emphasized the urgent need for these measures during an informal meeting of EU Tourism Ministers in La Hulpe, Belgium, to address the specific challenges faced by island destinations like Cyprus.

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Cyprus Tourism Minister Rebuts Seat Shortfall Claims

In response to concerns about a potential tourism shortfall in 2024, Cyprus’s Tourism Minister is taking proactive steps to diversify markets, increase flight capacities, and engage with airlines to stabilize and potentially boost tourist arrivals. Despite global aviation challenges and economic downturns in key markets, Cyprus is determined to remain a competitive destination by addressing industry concerns and actively collaborating with stakeholders.

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7,000 Revelers to Attend Paphos Carnival Parade

The Paphos Carnival Parade on March 16 will host 7,000 revelers with over 50 floats, a concert featuring the band ‘Kings’ and singer Panos Kallidis, and a grand entrance by the carnival king at 5 pm, showcasing tradition and cultural heritage on Clean Monday, March 7. The event promises a vibrant display of history and entertainment, uniting locals and tourists in a celebration that highlights the dedication of the community and the city of Paphos in Cyprus.

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Navigating New Challenges in Cyprus’ Tourism Sector

Cyprus’ tourism sector is navigating challenges like a gap between tourist arrivals and hotel occupancy, labor shortages, and high energy costs. With the loss of key markets like Russia and the need for sustainable practices, the industry is facing economic pressures impacting profitability.

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Enhancing Paphos’ Cultural Heritage

Collaborative efforts are underway to enhance Paphos’ cultural heritage through strategic meetings between the Paphos Regional Tourism Board and the Department of Antiquities. Plans include leveraging technology for immersive tours, infrastructure enhancements, and expert management strategies for sustainable tourism and preservation.

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