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Surge in Russian Tourists Heading North

A surge in Russian tourists heading north to the region has been fueled by improved accessibility and the allure of a new holiday spot, with approximately 40,000 visitors arriving in 2023. Efforts to boost accessibility through more affordable flights and daily widebody aircraft at Tymbou (Ercan) airport are enhancing the travel experience and attracting an even broader demographic, setting the stage for future growth in the tourism industry.

travel tourism

Navigating the Seas: Cyprus-Greece Ferry Triumphs

The CyprusPiraeus ferry service, operated by the vessel Daleela, has been a resounding success, exceeding expectations with 7,407 passengers and 2,496 vehicles transported last year. It offers an alternative travel mode between Cyprus and Greece, bolstering tourism and providing a range of onboard amenities. Sailings for the upcoming season start on May 29th from Limassol.

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Unveiling the Hidden Gems of Famagusta: Cultural Routes and Monuments

The new cultural routes in Famagusta are unlocking hidden historical and cultural gems, connecting visitors and locals to the district’s rich heritage. These routes serve as a bridge to the past, promoting education, pride, and stewardship for cultural preservation, while also offering potential economic and social benefits through cultural tourism.

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Services Sector Records Strong Growth in 2023

The services sector in 2023 saw robust growth, with accommodation and catering services leading the way with an 18.9% increase, administrative and support services following closely with a 15.5% rise. Professional, scientific, and technical activities also saw significant growth at 2.7%, reflecting global technological trends.

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Cyprus Tourism Revenue Dip in January with a Rise in Per Capita Expenditure

Key Takeaways: Cyprus Tourism Revenue and Per Capita Expenditure In January 2024, Cyprus saw a slight dip in tourism revenue, totaling €45.2 million, but an increase in per capita expenditure to €513.52, indicating a focus on attracting higherspending tourists and offering premium services and experiences to offset the drop in visitor numbers. Despite fewer tourists, the rise in spending per visitor suggests a strategic shift towards quality over quantity in the tourism sector, potentially boosting the overall economic impact of tourism on Cyprus.

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Famagusta Appeals to Polish Tourists

Famagusta is drawing in Polish tourists with its historical sites, stunning beaches, and Mediterranean climate. Direct flights and yearround attractions make it a desirable destination, boosting tourism and the local economy.

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Koumis Advocates for Collaborative Tourism Efforts

Koumis emphasizes the importance of international partnerships in addressing tourism challenges like the energy crisis and skilled labor shortages. By advocating for collaboration, Koumis believes that sector resilience, service quality, repeat visitation, and economic prosperity can be enhanced.

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Cyprus Restaurants Experience Surge in Patronage

During recent holidays like Green Monday and March 25, Cyprus’ restaurants and bars, especially in coastal areas, saw a surge in patronage, reaching 8090% capacity, with some areas at full occupancy. This increased activity signals a hopeful economic revival preceding the tourist season.

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Limassol’s The Shell unveiled

In Limassol, The Shell sculpture by Iota Ioannidou has emerged as a cultural landmark, captivating tourists and locals with its bronze beauty and seaside symbolism. Positioned in Pareklisia, this art piece not only enriches the city’s cultural landscape but also encourages public engagement and reflection.

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Cyprus Business Now: A Sustainable Future and Economic Insights

Recent updates in Cyprus cover a range of economic and regulatory changes. From abolishing annual fees for businesses to introducing a new green tax, the country is striving for a sustainable future. With projections of economic growth and inflation rates, Cyprus is adapting to evolving global trends while focusing on preserving its unique heritage and natural resources.

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