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Restoration of historical aqueduct complete

The restoration of the historical Arif Bey aqueduct in Afania is a significant milestone, preserving the island’s legacy of water management and agricultural ingenuity. This project not only protects the aqueduct from weathering but also serves as a cultural beacon and educational resource for history and engineering enthusiasts.

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Cyprus Honours Greek Independence Day

Greek Independence Day in Cyprus is celebrated to honor the 1821 uprising against Ottoman rule, showcasing the shared Hellenic identity with Greece through church services, parades, and speeches by dignitaries. The day serves as a national remembrance of the historical struggle for freedom and national pride, with events taking place across the island to commemorate the enduring spirit of independence.

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Commemorating the Eoka Uprising Anniversary

The Eoka uprising anniversary on April 1 in Cyprus marks the beginning of the fight for independence from British colonial rule in 1955. It’s a day to reflect on freedom, sovereignty, and the ongoing efforts for reunification and peace in Cyprus, honoring the legacy of those who fought for the nation’s identity and selfdetermination.

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Exploring Nicosia’s Old Town: A Walk Through Time

Explore the ancient walls and cultural influences of Nicosia’s Old Town on a guided historical walk this weekend. Led by Marios Antoniou, participants will uncover the city’s rich tapestry of Greek, Turkish, Venetian, and British influences, discovering personal anecdotes that shaped Nicosia’s captivating history.

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Embracing Artistic Expression: AG Leventis Gallery Turns Visitors into Artists

The AG Leventis Gallery celebrates its 10year anniversary with “1, 2, 3…Paint!”, inviting visitors to reinterpret famous paintings in a ‘paint by numbers’ style, blending art history with personal creativity through a multisensory experience with live music. Open to the public from April 6 to June 9 in Nicosia, this initiative challenges the traditional notions of art creation and invites all to embrace their inner artist for a night.

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