art exhibitions

art exhibitions

A Flourish of Creativity: New Exhibitions in Limassol

Limassol’s art scene is buzzing with new exhibitions: Maria Kyprianou’s “From Soil” at Gallery Morfi, Paparazzi’s “Vandalize” at The Warehouse by It Quarter, and Skolzki’s “Alevtina and Tamara” at the Old Vinegar Factory. From sculptures to street art and graphic novels, each showcase promises a unique experience for art enthusiasts in the city.

art exhibitions

Embracing Art in Cyprus: A Month of Exhibitions and Cultural Exploration

In December, two notable art exhibitions are taking place in Cyprus. Ludmila Budanov’s “Save It” at Morfi Gallery in Limassol showcases her vibrant artwork until December 12, while Katarzyna Ɓyszkowska’s “Aphrodite” exhibition at the American University of Cyprus in Larnaca runs from December 15 to January 15, offering a photographic tribute to femininity and Greek mythology.

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A Look into This Week’s Art Exhibitions on the Island

This week on the island, art enthusiasts can enjoy Andreas Nicolaou’s “The Era of Paradise” at Gallery Morfi in Limassol, Elina Hadjinicola’s “The Fundamental Components of the World” at The Seed Youth Gallery in Limassol, and Marios Pyrgou’s Ceramic Art at EVOHK artistrun space in Larnaca. These exhibitions feature a range of local and international artistic talents in various mediums including paintings, mixed media, and ceramics.

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