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Tepak Student Dorms: A Milestone for Higher Education

Tepak’s new student dormitories project is a €56 million investment that will introduce 154 rooms by 2026, enhancing academic and social experiences for students with multipurpose halls, amphitheaters, and a sustainable campus environment, reflecting the university’s growth and commitment to higher education.

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High-profile Suspects Reappear Over Diploma Fraud

The Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University (KSTU) is embroiled in a diploma fraud scandal involving shareholder Serdal Gunduz and journalist Sefa Karahasan, who faces legal action for their alleged roles in the creation and receipt of counterfeit diplomas. The scandal has triggered a wave of political debate and brought into question the integrity of educational standards in the region, sparking calls for a reevaluation of the education system.

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Annual Ora Bee Festival Returns

The Ora Bee Festival in Larnaca is back, celebrating the crucial role of bees and pollinators. With activities like beekeeping and conservation workshops, the event aims to educate on the importance of these tiny creatures while offering fun experiences for all ages.

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Larnaca’s Livadia Primary School Hit by Vandals

Livadia Primary School in Larnaca was vandalized, leaving shattered windows, charred outdoor furniture, and strewn books. The school administration responded by reporting to authorities and considering enhanced security measures, disrupting education and impacting the community deeply.

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TRT Cyprus Journalist Caught in Diploma Fraud

TRT Cyprus journalist Sefa Karahasan was arrested for obtaining a fraudulent doctorate degree from Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University, exposing widespread diploma fraud in Northern Cyprus’s education sector. The scandal highlights a network of complicity in falsifying academic credentials, raising concerns about the region’s academic credibility and integrity.

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Labour Minister Advocates Opening Job Market to Foreign Students

Cyprus’s Labour Minister Yiannis Panayiotou proposes opening the job market to foreign students by extending work hours, allowing postgraduation employment, and broadening job roles. The plan aims to integrate international students into the local workforce, enriching the labour market with diverse talent and fostering economic growth.

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Ypsonas Students’ Protest Over School Conditions

The Ypsonas students’ protest over poor school conditions in Limassol is a bold stand against neglect and unfair treatment. They demand urgent renovation of unsafe buildings and equal rights to a safe learning environment, sparking a series of planned responses to address their concerns and fight for educational equality.

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American Academy Nicosia Garners MSA Accreditation

American Academy Nicosia has achieved MSA accreditation, solidifying its reputation for providing topnotch education. This recognition highlights the school’s commitment to excellence and preparing students to excel in a global context, setting them on a path to become future leaders and global citizens.

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Embracing Unity: “Hate Trackers Beyond Borders” App Launch

“Hate Trackers Beyond Borders” app is a groundbreaking tool in the fight against online hate speech, designed for young people aged 1425, with multilingual support and educational features. Created through a collaboration of five organizations from Italy, Greece, Cyprus, and Spain, this app aims to promote tolerance and unity by empowering users to counter hate speech and celebrate diversity.

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