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Arrest of a Minor in Ammochostos for Vehicle Theft

A 17yearold was arrested in Ammochostos for vehicle theft after police observed suspicious behavior and linked him to a recent theft where money was stolen from a parked car. The minor matched the perpetrator’s description and was detained following investigative efforts by local law enforcement.

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Limassol Police Apprehend Suspect in Possession of Stolen Goods

The Limassol Police recently caught a 53yearold suspect with stolen goods, including mobile phones and a gold chain, due to the swift action and use of an electronic tracking app by teenage victims. This arrest showcased effective police work and technology in combating theft in the area, highlighting the importance of securing personal belongings in public spaces.

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Dramatic Car Theft in Limassol Involves Knife Assault

A 30yearold man in Limassol assaulted a woman in her home before stealing her car at knifepoint, resulting in his arrest by the police for charges including assault, robbery, and possession of drugs. The violent incident has left the community shaken as authorities work to ensure safety and justice prevails in the wake of this dramatic car theft.

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Hotel Employee’s Coastal Crime Wave Leads to Arrest

The hotel employee’s involvement in the coastal hotel thefts was confirmed by finding room keys and a stolen safe box with jewelry and cannabis in his possessions, clearly linking him to the crimes. The evidence was uncovered during a police search, following suspicions due to the pattern of thefts occurring within the hotel where he worked.

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Car Theft: Essential Measures for Protection

Theft protection for cars is crucial. Here are some essential tips: Never leave your car running unattended, secure it with locked doors and rolledup windows, keep keys out of sight, park in welllit areas with surveillance, install antitheft alarm systems, and report suspicious activities to local authorities. Stay safe and protect your vehicle from theft.

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