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Legal Scrutiny over Attorney’s Allegations

The legal world is abuzz with allegations made by lawyer Efstathios Efstathiou against the Attorney General of Cyprus and others, accusing them of colluding with Russian oligarch Oleg Boyko to transfer $113.4 million in shares illegally. The Bar Association’s deliberations over these claims are crucial, as they navigate the intricate legal dynamics and ethical standards at play, with the outcome poised to impact the reputation of the legal system as a whole.

finance corruption

Auditor-general to report CyBC for abuse of power

The auditorgeneral plans to report the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) for alleged abuse of power, with claims of improper salary upgrades, indiscriminate pay scale adjustments, and irregular staffing changes potentially increasing payroll costs by 33% from 2021 to 2026. The organization’s financial discrepancies and breach of trade union agreements have brought its fiscal conduct under scrutiny, raising concerns about the misuse of power and resources within CyBC.

corruption investigation

Anastasiades will refute ‘slanderous lies one by one’

Anastasiades is ready to take on corruption allegations in Cyprus detailed in the book “Mafia State,” appointing Gabrielle Louise McIntyre to ensure a thorough inquiry. Through McIntyre’s expertise in international legal proceedings, the anticorruption authority will delve into the claims, dismantling what Anastasiades calls ‘slanderous lies’ one by one.

politics scandal

Phed Express Roars Back into Action Over Sewage Scandal

Phed Express, the mayor of Paphos, is taking legal action against companies involved in a bribery scandal linked to sewage projects, while Central Bank Governor Constantinos Herodotou faces criticism for late implementation of European Banking Authority criteria in credit supervision. The controversies surrounding these figures highlight the ongoing struggle for integrity and accountability in public institutions in Cyprus.

education corruption

North’s Education Sector Riddled with Corruption

The education sector in northern Cyprus is plagued by corruption issues such as fake degrees, embezzlement, and misconduct, with legal charges for forgery and larceny being made against university officials. The scandal at Kibris Saglik ve Toplum Bilimleri Universitesi (KSTU) has brought to light systemic corruption, criminal activities, and the misuse of educational institutions for human trafficking, highlighting the urgent need for regulatory reforms.

reunification corruption

Christodoulides: 2024 as a Historic Milestone for Cyprus

President Nikos Christodoulides envisions 2024 as a historic year for Cyprus, aiming for reunification, economic growth with a zerotolerance stance on corruption, quality of life improvements, and a stronger role in the European Union. His administration is dedicated to transparency, reforms, and addressing migration while offering a hopeful future for all citizens.

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