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Reflecting on Cyprus: Two Decades After the Annan Plan Rejection

The rejection of the Annan Plan by Greek Cypriots 20 years ago has led to increased Turkish influence in the northern part of Cyprus, with reports of mosques outnumbering schools and imams heavily involved in education. The decision not only prevented potential EU protections for the region but also paved the way for a demographic shift that has raised concerns about the future governance and character of the area.

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Annan Plan: 20 years since the momentous no

The Annan Plan, proposed 20 years ago by Kofi Annan, aimed to unify Cyprus but was rejected by Greek Cypriots due to security concerns over Turkish troops’ presence. April 24, 2004, marked a historic divide as Turkish Cypriots largely voted in favor, highlighting ongoing divisions and the complexities of resolving the Cyprus issue.

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Talat Criticizes Turkey’s Cyprus Policy as ‘Complete Fiasco’

Former Turkish Cypriot Leader Mehmet Ali Talat criticized Turkey’s Cyprus policy as a “complete fiasco,” blaming their lack of commitment to solutionbased conversations and resistance to international views. He called for sincere negotiations and organized talks to reach a resolution, emphasizing the need for both sides to show dedication for progress.

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