akamas road improvement violations

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Comprehensive Report on Roadpol’s Truck and Bus Safety Campaign

A recent comprehensive report on Roadpol’s Truck and Bus Safety Campaign unveiled alarming violations in Cyprus. Out of 688 trucks inspected, 852 infractions were identified, including tachograph issues (243) and speeding (44). Meanwhile, 154 bus inspections revealed 39 reports, mainly focused on document irregularities (35), underscoring the need for continued road safety measures.

environmental concerns akamas road improvement violations

Environmental Concerns Over Akamas Road Improvement Violations

Lawmakers plan to address the environmental concerns surrounding the Akamas road improvement project in an upcoming parliamentary discussion, aiming to uncover the reasons behind the project’s violations and potential mismanagement. Urgent corrective measures are necessary to address the significant environmental damage caused and prevent further degradation of the region’s ecology.

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