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Airport Arrest: Drug Trafficking Intercepted

Customs officers intercepted 15.6 kilograms of cannabis in the luggage of a 30yearold man at Larnaca airport, leading to his arrest. This collaboration between the customs department and the drug squad, Ykan, showcases the effectiveness of international cooperation in combating drug trafficking.

drug smuggling airport security

Woman Arrested at Airport for Drug Smuggling

A 31yearold woman was arrested at Larnaca airport for drug smuggling after authorities found 5,879 pills and nine packets of a suspicious white substance in her luggage. This incident highlights the effectiveness of airport security in preventing illegal drug trafficking and the serious consequences of such criminal activities.

drug smuggling airport security

Significant Drug Bust at Larnaca Airport

The significant drug bust at Larnaca Airport involved a 21yearold woman caught smuggling 16 kilograms of cannabis in 28 parcels hidden in her luggage during a routine check. This incident highlights the ongoing challenges faced by authorities in combating international drug trafficking and emphasizes the critical role of vigilant airport security measures.

drug trafficking airport security

Drug Smuggling Incident at Larnaca Airport

During a routine check at Larnaca Airport, a 24yearold woman was arrested for smuggling drugs, having ingested cocaine packets to avoid detection. An Xray at Larnaca General Hospital confirmed the presence of the drugs in her system, leading to a wider investigation into the incident.

drug trafficking airport security

43 kilos of drugs found at Larnaca airport

Authorities at Larnaca airport uncovered 43 kilos of cathine in unclaimed luggage, shedding light on the intricate world of drug trafficking and the need for heightened airport security. This significant seizure serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by law enforcement in combating international drug smuggling.

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