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New Initiatives Offer Hope to Farmers Affected by Wildfires

Farmers in the Limassol district affected by wildfires can access two support schemes: one covers 80% of repair costs for registered farmers with crop declarations, excluding certain infrastructures, and the other offers financial aid for environmental restoration for those ineligible for the first. These initiatives aim to provide muchneeded relief and support to farmers in the wake of significant losses caused by the recent wildfires.

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Explore the Wonders of Culture and Creativity at Leventis Municipal Museum

Step into the Leventis Municipal Museum in Nicosia for a weekend filled with culture and creativity. Explore a Book Sale with Coffee, offering up to 70% off on books, and take a guided Architectural Walk through the city’s historic buildings. In the following week, join a Candlemaking Workshop for Adults and learn to craft ecofriendly candles. Don’t miss out on these exciting events that celebrate the wonders of art and history in the heart of old Nicosia.

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Collaboration Between Chambis Tsaggari and Zivana LOEL

The collaboration between Zivana LOEL and Chambis Tsaggari has resulted in the creation of a new collection of collectible bottles. These bottles serve as both vessels for the beloved Cypriot spirit, Zivana LOEL, and as standalone pieces of art, featuring unique engravings by Chambis Tsaggari that celebrate Cypriot culture and traditions. The limited edition series, with only 4000 bottles released for each design, will be available in all supermarkets and liquor stores starting October.

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Guzelyurt: A Hidden Gem in Northern Cyprus

Discover a hidden gem in Northern Cyprus Guzelyurt! This market town is famous for its rich agricultural lands and is especially known for its delicious citrus fruits and strawberries. Take a break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the peaceful surroundings with its fragrant orange blossoms and golden oranges while attending the annual Orange Festival or exploring the natural history and archaeology museum. Don’t miss out on this unique experience!

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