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Opposition Blasts Agriculture Minister Over Farmers’ Compensation

The Agriculture Minister Maria Panayiotou is embroiled in controversy as opposition members criticize her refusal to compensate farmers using nonstandard compost, despite the ministry approving the seller. The clash highlights the need for clearer regulations and fair treatment of local agriculturists in navigating legal boundaries and supporting their livelihoods.

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Nicosia: A Hub for Visionary Ideas and Cultural Exchange

TEDxEleftheriaSquare in Nicosia is a gathering of innovative minds from various fields under the theme “Symphony of Minds”, creating a platform for cultural exchange and intellectual diversity. Set in Cyprus’ capital city on May 25, this event promises to be a beacon for visionary ideas and a hub for nurturing curiosity and collaboration.

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Nicosia Voted Second-Best Erasmus Destination in Europe

It’s official: Nicosia, Cyprus, has been voted the secondbest Erasmus destination in Europe for its rich history, vibrant social scene, and inclusive community. This historic city offers a unique blend of ancient and modern, making it a top choice for international students seeking education and cultural enrichment.

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Kertepene Siblings’ 40-Year Cultural Contribution Honoured

The Kertepene siblings, Maria and Zacharias, have been honored for their 40year dedication to Cyprus’ cultural heritage at the Vasilitzia Cultural Club. Their work in preserving Cypriot traditions and educating youth has set a standard for cultural stewardship and enriched the national identity, illuminating a vibrant tapestry of arts and traditions for future generations.

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Managing Water Scarcity for Agriculture in Cyprus

Cyprus is addressing water scarcity by implementing a strategic threeyear plan that includes targeted water cuts for agriculture and maximizing output from desalination plants. With water levels at a decade low, the government is prioritizing essential water usage and balancing conservation efforts for longterm sustainability.

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A Fusion of Tradition and Contemporary Art in Lefkara

t.a.s. gallery in Lefkara, Cyprus blends tradition with modern art in a unique space that showcases a fusion of traditional and contemporary artworks, curated fashion collections, and local culture. This innovative gallery, dubbed a “renaissance spaceship,” aims to connect different eras of art within a communitydriven and immersive setting.

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Limassol 2024 Opap Marathon Gears Up for Record Attendance

The Limassol 2024 Opap Marathon is gearing up for a record attendance of 17,000, with 3,000 runners from 70 countries participating in this grand sporting event by the Mediterranean Sea. As the city of Limassol prepares for this international marathon, athletes are training tirelessly for the big day, highlighting the event’s significance as a cultural and athletic spectacle that boosts the local economy and community spirit.

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Cyprus Honours Greek Independence Day

Greek Independence Day in Cyprus is celebrated to honor the 1821 uprising against Ottoman rule, showcasing the shared Hellenic identity with Greece through church services, parades, and speeches by dignitaries. The day serves as a national remembrance of the historical struggle for freedom and national pride, with events taking place across the island to commemorate the enduring spirit of independence.

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Street Life Festival Returns to Limassol

The Street Life Festival returns to Limassol on April 27, showcasing street artists, live music, and athletic displays on Saripolou and Athinon streets. Proceeds from the event will support the Theotokos Foundation, making it a celebration of culture and community.

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