administrative modernization

education inclusivity

Cultivating a Modern, Inclusive Education System

Dr. Athena Michaelidou is revolutionizing education in Cyprus with a vision for inclusive and innovative schools, focusing on studentcentered approaches and modern teaching techniques. Her reforms include enhancing private school accountability, introducing Englishtaught undergraduate programs, modernizing resources, expanding digital skills, and offering free preprimary education for early learning and parental workforce support.

travel preservation

The Transformation of Kyrenia Harbour: A Visitor’s Dismay

Kyrenia Harbour is losing its historical charm to modernization efforts, sparking dismay among visitors and locals who cherished its unspoiled beauty. The shift towards concrete and construction threatens to diminish the unique character of this Mediterranean gem, prompting calls for a balance between development and preservation.

legislation security

New Legislation Transforms Notary Services in Cyprus

The new legislation in Cyprus is overhauling notary services by shifting signatures to citizen service centers and introducing a standardized fee structure ranging from €5 to €40 based on document length. These changes aim to enhance efficiency, reduce fraud, and modernize services for citizens seeking document certification.

local government reform administrative modernization

Key Bills for Local Government Reform Introduced

The government introduced three key legislative proposals for local government reform aiming to revise laws on Municipalities, Civil Registry, and District SelfGovernment, consolidate municipalities into 20 units, and establish ‘local clusters’ and ‘district councils’ for smaller communities. These changes signify a significant stride towards a more modern and efficient local governance system, set to be implemented on July 1st.

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