transparency accountability

Govt Unveils New ‘Accountability Website’

The new government accountability website,, has been unveiled to provide citizens with detailed information on decisions, policies, and achievements of the administration, promoting transparency and civic engagement. Irene Piki, the undersecretary to the president, announced this significant step towards open governance, bridging the gap between the government and its people.

environment accountability

Investigating the Akamas Roadwork Scandal

The Akamas roadwork scandal uncovers potential misconduct by state officials in construction activities threatening the biodiverse Akamas region, sparking calls for transparency and accountability from environmentalists. With a newly appointed investigative officer tasked to delve deeper into the matter, the dispute highlights the intricate balance between development and environmental preservation in Cyprus.

justice tragedy

Seeking Justice: The Isias Hotel Tragedy Trial Continues

The Isias Hotel Tragedy trial delves into the fatal collapse that claimed numerous lives, including children, scrutinizing construction quality and permit discrepancies to prevent future disasters. Families of the victims seek answers and accountability as they travel to Turkey to witness the trial, emphasizing the collective quest for justice and closure amidst the griefstricken community.

tendering reform

Time for Change – Radical Change – in Awarding Tenders

The tendering system for major public projects in Cyprus is riddled with serious flaws and inefficiencies, leading to costly disputes and allegations of irregularities. Urgent reform is needed to ensure transparency, fair competition, and accountability in the process, as highlighted by experts like Dr. Charles Ellinas.

humanitarian crisis migration

A Year after Greece Migrant Boat Tragedy

A year after the tragic migrant boat capsizing off the coast of Greece, Mahmoud Shalabi, the sole survivor from his town, grapples with uncertainty in Athens while families of lost loved ones demand answers. Conflicting reports surround the incident, emphasizing the need for a thorough investigation and accountability to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

discipline procedures investigation

Discipline procedures mired by missing staff member

State authorities are seeking Thanasis Tsokos, director general of CyBC, for a disciplinary procedure related to a missing staff member, Elmos Neocleous. Tsokos’ elusive nature has hindered the investigation, shining a light on accountability issues within staterun organizations.

government project delays

President Nikos Christodoulides Takes a Firm Stance on Project Delays

President Nikos Christodoulides refuses to tolerate project delays in Cyprus, warning contractors of government intervention and demanding adherence to agreements, especially on strategic projects like the Larnaca port and marina. His firm stance emphasizes accountability and a commitment to national development, ensuring that obligations are met for the nation’s prosperity and progress.

justice accountability

Pursuit of Justice: A Soldier’s Unsolved Murder

Andriana Nicolaou passionately demands a reinvestigation into her son Thanasis Nicolaou’s death, pushing for structural reforms in the justice system for transparency and accountability, with updates reviewed by an independent authority. President Nikos Christodoulides promises full transparency in the case, stressing the need for patience as investigators delve into potential misconduct from 2005 onwards.

legal battle workplace environment

Court Freezes CyBC Assets Over Legal Dispute

The Nicosia district court has frozen €450,000 of CyBC’s assets as part of a legal dispute with journalist Evdokia Loizou, awarded €1.3 million in compensation for workplaceinduced encephalitis suffered while employed at CyBC. This freeze ensures the first installment of the owed amount is secure, marking a significant turn of events for both parties involved.

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