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Another Year of Recognition for Cyprus’ Leading Real Estate Developer – Celebrating the BBF Story

BBF has been recognized as the Best Luxury Real Estate Developer in Cyprus, celebrated for its innovative projects and commitment to customer satisfaction. With over 150 luxury developments, including iconic landmarks like bbf: sky tower and bbf: eden roc, BBF continues to set new standards in highend residential and commercial spaces, building a better future for its clients.

peace studies conflict resolution

Delve into Peace and Conflict Studies at UCY

The University of Cyprus’s MA program in Peace, Conflict & Democracy offers a comprehensive curriculum blending theory with practical skills, preparing graduates for diverse careers. Located in Nicosia, the program provides students with a unique opportunity to study global peace and conflict dynamics in a stimulating environment, supported by a diverse faculty and researchoriented internships.

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American Medical Center: A Beacon of Trust in Cyprus Healthcare

The American Medical Center in Cyprus has been recognized as the most trusted health center for the eighth consecutive year, showcasing their dedication to exceptional healthcare and cuttingedge medical services. With a focus on patient safety and clinical excellence, AMC stands as a beacon of trust in the realm of healthcare, setting a high standard for medical institutions in the country.

university of limassol academic excellence

University of Limassol Celebrates Early 2024 Milestones

The University of Limassol celebrated the end of its first academic semester in early 2024 and announced plans for new programs, demonstrating its commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and community service. The institution, rooted in a legacy of leadership and learning, aims to excel in education and research while promoting ethical values and social sensitivity.

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