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Paphos Red Cross to help 410 families for Easter

The Paphos Red Cross, with the help of local police, is assisting 410 families for Easter by providing essential goods and coupons, embodying community support and solidarity during festive times. This joint effort between the two organizations showcases a compassionate partnership dedicated to yearround support for vulnerable groups in the community.

fitness philanthropy

i-Fitness Day Returns for 11th Year in Support of Telethon

The iFitness Day, now in its 11th year, returns on April 28, 2024, at Constantinoupolis Primary School in Nicosia. This charity event blends fitness with fun traditional Cypriot games and group fitness classes like Zumba, benefiting the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics and the Cyprus Myopathic Association.

historic innovation

Old Municipal Market of Nicosia Finally Re-opens

The Old Municipal Market of Nicosia reopens as a bustling hub for innovation and business, blending culture and technology while preserving its rich heritage. The transformation signifies Nicosia’s growth and promises a dynamic future for entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts.

history art

Recreating Famagusta’s Past for the Future

The ‘Cabinet of Lost Memories’ and New Famagusta Museum Festival aim to honor Famagusta’s history, using art and narratives as tools for cultural revival and healing. By connecting the past with the future, these initiatives seek to reconcile communities and inspire hope for a brighter tomorrow in the city.

unity collaboration

Celebrating Unity: Bicommunal Business Ventures Triumph

The Bicommunal Business Awards, hosted by the Stelios Foundation, celebrate unity and collaboration between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. Each winning venture receives €20,000 in recognition of their innovative contributions to peace and economic prosperity on the island, highlighting the power of joint business ventures in fostering communal success.

community sustainability

Preserving the Heart of the Highlands: Initiatives to Sustain Mountain Communities

Initiatives to sustain mountain communities include aiding young people in becoming homeowners, enhancing healthcare services at Troodos Hospital, improving education and transport infrastructure, stimulating economic activity, upgrading internet services, and establishing a robust road network for better accessibility. These efforts, led by mountains commissioner Charalambos Christophinis, aim to reverse depopulation trends and breathe new life into rural highland areas before the summer season unfolds, fostering a sense of optimism and rejuvenation.

aviation preservation

A New Home for Olympic Airways’ Boeing 727 on Vouliagmenis Ave

The Boeing 727 of Olympic Airways has a new home on Vouliagmenis Avenue, serving as a historical exhibit to educate future generations about Greek aviation heritage. Zela Aviation’s efforts in preserving these iconic aircraft, including the BAC111 now residing in Lavrio, highlight the importance of commemorating the past for its impact on the present and inspiring the aviation enthusiasts of tomorrow.

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