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Forecast Snapshot: Mixed Skies with a Clear Twist

The upcoming weather forecast will bring a mix of conditions, with temperatures ranging from a comfortable 21C in lowland areas to a cooler 12C in the mountains. Winds will shift from northsouth to westerly and will be moderate in strength. Clear skies post dusk will lead to a dip in temperatures, especially in high mountains, with the weekend expected to be bright and mostly clear with temperatures above the seasonal average.

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Paphos Grapples with Severe Weather Aftermath

The aftermath of severe weather in Paphos includes fallen trees, power outages, a grounded sailing boat, and seaweedcovered beaches. The local fire service and emergency teams are working to clear debris, restore power, and ensure public safety, while residents are urged to stay informed and report emergencies.

1 weather forecast

A Refreshing Shift: Embracing the Cool Breeze

This Tuesday, expect a refreshing shift to cooler weather with interior regions enjoying 23C, coastal areas around 22C, and mountain altitudes dropping to a crisp 12C. Gentle winds will transition from northwesterly to southwesterly, with evening temperatures declining to 10C interiorly, 13C along the coast, and 5C in the mountains.

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