1 watermills preservation

cultural heritage restoration

Renovation of Venetian Watermill Completed

The restoration of the Venetian watermill in Lefka showcases the community’s dedication to preserving cultural heritage, respecting its historical significance. With support from the EU and UNDP, the watermill and aqueduct now stand as monuments to past ingenuity and a shared commitment to safeguard Cyprus’s rich history.

tourism preservation

Enhancing Paphos’ Cultural Heritage

Collaborative efforts are underway to enhance Paphos’ cultural heritage through strategic meetings between the Paphos Regional Tourism Board and the Department of Antiquities. Plans include leveraging technology for immersive tours, infrastructure enhancements, and expert management strategies for sustainable tourism and preservation.

history heritage

Larnaca’s Piale Pasha Street Revitalization

The restoration of Turkish Cypriot homes on Larnaca’s Piale Pasha Street blends history and modernity, preserving cultural heritage for future generations. The project showcases the city’s commitment to honoring its multicultural past, enhancing the urban landscape with renewed facades that connect treasured tourist spots like Finikoudes and Mackenzie.

lidl cyprus vat

Lidl Cyprus: A Smart Shopper’s Dream with VAT-Size Savings

Lidl Cyprus is offering shoppers a special discount equal to the VAT rate of 19% from the 2nd to the 31st of January, showcasing its commitment to affordability without sacrificing quality. This strategic move not only attracts customers and enhances loyalty but also demonstrates Lidl’s understanding of the market and its ability to cater to local needs.

1 watermills preservation

Revitalizing the Legacy of Cypriot Watermills

Efforts to preserve Cyprus’s watermills are not just about conservation, but also about reconnecting with the island’s rich history and cultural identity. These initiatives involve documenting, restoring, and making watermills accessible for visits, aiming to protect the structures and the stories they represent.

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