1 water contamination

medicine defence

€351.3m Supplementary Budget for Meds, Defence, and Water

The government announced a €351.3 million supplementary budget to address urgent needs in healthcare, social security, and water supply, with funds allocated for medicine, social insurance, and desalination. Additionally, the budget supports defence, education, and social measures, including aid for special needs students, temporary teacher hires, and agriculture, highlighting proactive governance and economic health.

1 water contamination

Aradippou’s Water Woes: Contamination Concerns at Koshi Facility

Residents of Aradippou, Cyprus, are worried about water contamination from the Koshi waste management facility. Prompt repairs have been made to fix leaks from the facility’s pipes, but this incident has highlighted the need for strict oversight and regular water examinations to protect the community’s health and the local environment.

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