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Environmental Concerns at Achna Dam Due to Waste Seepage

The waste seepage at Achna Dam led to immediate actions including water testing, halting irrigation usage, and enhancing waste tank supervision. Ongoing monitoring and investigations aim to mitigate risks and improve waste management practices for the future, underscoring the interconnectedness of environmental health, public safety, and sustainable farming practices.

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Cyprus Advances Waste Management with ‘Pay as You Throw’ Initiative

Cyprus is revolutionizing waste management with its ‘Pay as You Throw’ initiative, charging residents based on the amount of waste they dispose of to promote recycling and reduce environmental impact. This ecoconscious move aims to instill a culture of responsibility and transparency in waste generation, setting an example for global sustainable practices.

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Pay-As-You-Throw Approach: A Consideration for Household Waste

In a bid to boost recycling rates and curb waste production, Cyprus is pondering the introduction of a PayAsYouThrow (PAYT) waste management system. While aiming to align fees with current costs, concerns arise over potential financial burdens on larger households and the imperative need for a collaborative approach towards a more sustainable future.

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Cyprus Nearly Tops EU List of Waste Production

Cyprus ranks as the fifthhighest producer of waste in the EU, generating 673 kilograms per person annually, exceeding the EU average of 513 kilograms. The country’s reliance on landfills highlights the urgent need for improved waste management strategies to address the environmental impact.

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Urgent Relocation for Pentakomo Waste Management Facility

The Pentakomo waste treatment plant in Cyprus is facing eviction due to failure to produce a viable Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF), management disputes, technological challenges, and lack of buyers for its output. The government is stepping in to find a sustainable solution for waste management and plans to engage a consultant to upgrade the plant and align it with the Municipal Waste Management Plan.

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