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food safety public health

Strengthening Food Safety in Cyprus

The National Food Safety Authority in Cyprus aims to enhance food safety controls, adopting a “single health” approach to manage food safety risks and uphold international standards, ensuring public health and transparency. Led by Health Minister Michael Damianos, the authority will integrate human, animal, and environmental health to safeguard the public, setting a new standard for quality assurance in food production and distribution.

heat-related illnesses public health

Three in hospital with heat-related afflictions

In Nicosia, three individuals were urgently admitted to the hospital due to heatrelated ailments, emphasizing the dangers of soaring temperatures. The elderly patients, aged 73, 89, and 85, underscore the necessity for caution and preventive measures, highlighting the importance of staying hydrated, seeking shade, and avoiding strenuous activities during peak heat hours.

border protection smuggling

Duty-Free Tobacco Seizure Leads to Arrests

Authorities seized a large quantity of dutyfree tobacco at the border, leading to the arrest of three individuals in Larnaca. The lack of health warnings on the packaging flagged the illegal products, highlighting the risks of tax evasion, health hazards, and customs violations associated with smuggling tobacco.

food safety cyprus

Strengthening Food Safety in Cyprus

The Government of Cyprus is establishing a dedicated food safety authority to enhance food safety and meet WHO directives, unifying oversight over food safety, animal and plant health. This initiative aims to ensure compliance with EU standards and proactive risk management to safeguard public health and quality of food products in Cyprus.

addiction harm reduction

Expanding Support for Those Battling Addiction

The National Addiction Authority has proposed the creation of a ‘One Stop’ support centre to assist those facing addiction and homelessness, offering shelter and a variety of support services to improve community wellbeing. This initiative aims to embrace harm reduction strategies and health initiatives while providing comprehensive care for individuals impacted by substance use challenges.

agriculture environmental protection

Audit Office Slams Inaction Over Illegal Livestock Farms

The Audit Office has criticized the inaction towards illegal livestock farms, highlighting their environmental impact and public health risks. Specifically, farms operating without permits in protected areas like the Chanoutaris Cliffs in Paphos pose threats to ecological balance and product safety, calling for immediate regulatory enforcement to address these issues and protect public wellbeing.

drugs public health

Amphetamine Levels Escalating in Cypriot Wastewater

The rise of amphetamines in Cypriot wastewater signifies a troubling increase in illicit drug use on the island, posing public health and law enforcement challenges. Methamphetamine levels, a newcomer to the scene in Cyprus, highlight shifting drug consumption patterns and potential health risks associated with stimulant abuse.

public health atmospheric dust levels

Alarm Sounded Over Atmospheric Dust Levels

Alarm has been raised by the Cyprus Pulmonology Society due to a surge in atmospheric dust levels originating from the Sahara Desert. Individuals with respiratory conditions such as COPD and asthma are urged to take precautionary measures, including staying indoors, monitoring air quality indices, and using air purifiers with HEPA filters.

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