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School Authorities Decry Surge in Student Vandalism

School authorities in Cyprus, led by the Sedmek association, are deeply concerned about the surge in student vandalism. They are calling for a collective effort involving parents, the Ministry of Education, and law enforcement to combat this issue and protect the educational spaces in the country.

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Youth Detained for Arson in Kiti

The arson incident in Kiti on May 4th involved a group of 70 individuals igniting a large pile of wood, endangering local properties. Three teenagers exacerbated the chaos by throwing firecrackers and stones, resulting in a man’s yard burning, leading to the detention of four suspects and leaving the community shaken.

education vandalism

Larnaca’s Livadia Primary School Hit by Vandals

Livadia Primary School in Larnaca was vandalized, leaving shattered windows, charred outdoor furniture, and strewn books. The school administration responded by reporting to authorities and considering enhanced security measures, disrupting education and impacting the community deeply.

education vandalism

Vandals Strike at the Heart of Paphos Community

In response to vandalism at Koupateio School in Paphos, urgent safety measures are demanded, including surveillance systems, enhanced lighting, and security patrols, to prevent future incidents. The parents’ association’s call for action highlights the need to safeguard educational institutions and create a secure environment for students to learn and thrive, amidst growing concerns over repeated acts of vandalism in the region.

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Escalation in Vandalism Against Mobile Traffic Units

The escalation in vandalism against mobile traffic units has sparked concern, with recent incidents including a Molotov cocktail attack near Limassol and shootings in Xylofagou and Larnaca. Despite their role in road safety, these acts reflect public resentment towards invasive surveillance, prompting thorough investigations by law enforcement agencies.

1 vandalism

Residents Outraged as Mouflon Statue Desecrated

The mouflon statue in Karavostasi, a symbol of Cyprus’ natural heritage, was desecrated by vandals, sparking outrage among the community. The Lefka Tourism Association is taking action to replace the statue and uphold cultural and environmental values, with support from local NGOs, the Mayor, and residents demonstrating unity in the face of disrespect.

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