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Revitalizing Mountain Communities: A Strategic Approach

The Cypriot government is investing in the revitalization of mountain communities through expanding the Office of the Commissioner of Mountain Areas and improving infrastructure like healthcare, transportation, and sports facilities. Initiatives include upgrading the Troodos hospital, establishing Citizen Service Centres, and constructing new fire stations, demonstrating a commitment to enhancing the quality of life in the highland regions of Cyprus.

environmental waste management

Tackling Construction Waste: The Road to Sustainable Development

Cyprus is taking decisive steps to manage construction waste, with legislation enforcement, fines totaling €21,000, and a focus on recycling through a technical committee. These efforts underscore the country’s commitment to sustainable development, ensuring that progress is mindful of its environmental impact and paves the way for a greener future.

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Cypriot Communities Urged to Engage with UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Initiative

Cypriot communities are encouraged to engage with UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve initiative, offering international recognition, economic development, and a blend of cultural and environmental sustainability. The push for sustainable development in Cyprus, spearheaded by Environment Commissioner Antonia Theodosiou, aims to integrate the DiarizosXeropotamos Valleys into this prestigious program, showcasing the region’s commitment to biodiversity protection and ecological preservation.

green economy renewable energy

Cyprus’ Ambitious Green Transition Plans

Cyprus is set to invest over €3 billion into sustainable projects by 2030, aligning with EU climate directives and targeting climate neutrality by 2050. Initiatives will focus on renewable energy, smart mobility, and job creation to meet ‘fit for 55’ emissions reduction goals and the European Green Deal.

environment accountability

Investigating the Akamas Roadwork Scandal

The Akamas roadwork scandal uncovers potential misconduct by state officials in construction activities threatening the biodiverse Akamas region, sparking calls for transparency and accountability from environmentalists. With a newly appointed investigative officer tasked to delve deeper into the matter, the dispute highlights the intricate balance between development and environmental preservation in Cyprus.

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Protecting Akamas: A Call for Sustainable Development

The Federation of Environmental Organisations proposes a sustainable development plan for Akamas, advocating for infrastructure rooted in sustainable mobility, the expansion of Natura 2000 sites, and banning hunting to protect the region’s biodiversity. This call for action aims to preserve Akamas’ natural beauty and delicate ecosystems for future generations, urging a balance between development and conservation to ensure the region’s environmental sustainability.

sustainable development innovation

Limassol Gears Up for Second Cyprus Forum Cities Conference

Limassol is gearing up for the second Cyprus Forum Cities Conference, focusing on sustainable, green, and smart city environments, discussing urban development, climate resilience, innovation, and local government reform. Key topics include waste management, circular economy, sustainable tourism, and the Limassol Cooling Challenge, set to take place on April 1819, 2024.

digitisation tax reforms

Digitising Cyprus: Towards a Fully Digital State

The Cypriot government is on a mission to digitize the state, revolutionizing how citizens and businesses access services while implementing tax reforms for economic competitiveness and sustainable development. Through a comprehensive plan that includes green initiatives and measures to attract global businesses, Cyprus is paving the way for a fully digital future that prioritizes efficiency and innovation.

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