1 sustainable development plan (sdp)

sustainability cyprus

Cyprus’ Struggle with Sustainability

Cyprus is facing sustainability challenges, ranking 32nd out of 34 European countries. Issues such as high carbon emissions, low recycling rates, water shortages, and overuse of nitrogen in agriculture are holding the nation back. Efforts are being made to align with Sustainable Development Goals and improve sustainability practices for a brighter future.

marina construction economic revitalization

Construction of Marina in Kissonerga Set for 2025

The construction of the Marina in Kissonerga is set to begin in late 2025, with the groundwork expected to be completed by the end of 2024. This transformative project aims to boost the local economy and tourism sector, while also prioritizing environmental sustainability to preserve the village’s natural beauty.

1 sustainable development plan (sdp)

Akamas Roadworks to Undergo Rigorous Review

The Akamas National Park roadworks are undergoing a rigorous review in response to environmental concerns. Measures include reassessing the project’s environmental impact, transitioning oversight to the environment department, establishing an ecofriendly completion timeline, restoring affected habitats, and conducting an audit to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

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