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supreme court nicolaou case

Supreme Court Accepts Appeal in Contentious Nicolaou Case

In a surprising turn of events, the Supreme Court has decided to review the Thanasis Nicolaou case, potentially overturning the ruling that his death was a strangulation. Former state pathologist Panicos Stavrianos has been granted the opportunity to challenge the cause of death, advocating for a “voluntary fall from a height” instead.

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After long battle, CyTA loses fine case

In a final ruling, the Supreme Court upheld a €390,000 fine against CyTA for blocking competition in the telecommunications sector. The decision emphasizes the importance of adhering to competition laws to maintain fair market practices.

1 supreme court

Supreme Court to Rule on Passport Law Validity

The Supreme Court is set to rule on the constitutional validity of passport laws related to a scandal involving Al Jazeera’s reporting. The ruling will address whether certain citizenships granted to foreign investors were illegitimate, potentially impacting the criminal proceedings against involved individuals and defining future constitutional law. The defendants in this highstakes legal drama include former House President Dimitris Syllouris, former Akel MP Christakis Giovanis, and one of Giovanis’ company executives, Antonis Antoniou.

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