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Voices Rise in Nicosia: A Thousand March for Gaza Ceasefire

Over a thousand individuals gathered in Nicosia to demand a ceasefire in Gaza and an end to violence against Palestinians, urging adherence to international law and UN resolutions. The protest, organized by the Cyprus Peace Council and other groups, aimed to show solidarity with Palestinians and call for peace and justice in Cyprus.

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March for Peace: A Call to Action in Nicosia for Gaza

The march in Nicosia on Sunday at 3pm is a powerful display of unity, calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and urgent humanitarian aid, while upholding international law and showing solidarity towards the Palestinian people. Cyprus, known for its longstanding advocacy for peace and justice, aims to extend a hand of practical solidarity and adhere to international norms in their pursuit for global peace.

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Solidarity for Peace: Uniting for the Palestinian Cause

Peo, a trade union, is advocating for international solidarity with the Palestinian people. They are calling for a peaceful demonstration, an immediate ceasefire, the release of hostages and political prisoners, support for a twostate solution, and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. They condemn violence and urge the international community to adhere to UN resolutions for a peaceful coexistence.

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Turkish Cypriot Teachers Stand Against Legal Accusations

Turkish Cypriot teachers protested against legal charges targeting 22 colleagues accused after a demonstration, standing up for their beliefs and resisting efforts to undermine education and freedom. The teachers formed a protective circle around the court in northern Nicosia, showing solidarity and vowing to continue their fight for their rights and the integrity of education.

1 solidarity for palestine

Solidarity for Palestine: Friday Prayers in North Cyprus

Friday prayers in North Cyprus are dedicated to showing solidarity with the Palestinian people during a time of heightened tensions and humanitarian crisis. The Religious Affairs Directorate emphasizes the shared struggles of Turkish Cypriots and Palestinians, marking a historical period of support and unity.

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