1 school bus safety

school bus safety fire risks

School Bus Safety Enhancements: A Swift Response to Fire Risks

School buses have resumed service with new safety measures, including the installation of automatic fire extinguishing systems. This upgrade significantly improves student safety on public transportation, with all 580 buses equipped and back on their routes within a week’s time. While regular bus services have been upgraded, buses used for school trips still need fire extinguishing systems, highlighting the need for comprehensive safety standards across all student transportation services. The community’s commitment to safety and continuous vigilance in addressing safety gaps ensures that the journey to and from school remains safe for every student.

1 school bus safety

All School Buses Back to Normal at the Beginning of the Week

All school buses in Cyprus are set to resume normal operations at the beginning of the week after the installation of automatic fireextinguishing systems. This follows recent concerns raised after a school bus caught fire in Aglandjia, Nicosia, prompting a national conversation about the safety of student transportation.

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