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Cyprus’ Cash Reserves: A Buffer Against Global Economic Uncertainty

Cyprus strategically accumulated €2.83 billion in cash reserves to cover 132% of nearterm debt, leading to a notable €740 million debt reduction and net debt at 68% of GDP. The PDMO’s issuance of benchmark bonds and investments from the Social Insurance Fund further solidified the nation’s fiscal resilience against global economic uncertainty.

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Cyprus Central Government Debt Reduces Significantly in 2023

In 2023, Cyprus’s central government debt decreased by €689 million, marking a 3% reduction from the previous year, with the total debt standing at €22.4 billion. This fiscal improvement was driven by the repayment of domestic bonds and a strategic approach towards sustainable financing, including the issuance of green and social bonds. The Republic of Cyprus showcased a remarkable fiscal turnaround in 2023, with the central government debt decreasing significantly, setting the stage for economic recovery postpandemic and boosting confidence among investors and international financial entities.

1 public debt reduction

Cyprus to Witness Significant Public Debt Reduction by End of 2024

Cyprus is set to witness a significant reduction in its public debt by the end of 2024, with a projected 30 percent decrease in the debttoGDP ratio. The European Commission has praised Cyprus for its fiscal discipline and expects the country to achieve a structural surplus and maintain economic stability through prudent fiscal management.

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