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Elevating Journalist Safety: A Major Campaign Launch

The “Journalists Matter” campaign, led by the Council of Europe, aims to bolster journalist safety through national action plans and legal protections. By engaging various stakeholders, including journalists, media associations, and law enforcement, the initiative strives to create a secure environment that upholds press freedom and democracy in Europe.

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Delay in Press Freedom Case: Ali Kismir’s Hearing Deferred

Ali Kismir’s hearing, critical of authorities in Northern Cyprus, has been postponed to September 27, with charges that could result in a decade in prison for drawing a controversial comparison involving security forces. The delay raises concerns about press freedom and free speech in the region as Kismir’s trial faces repeated adjournments.

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Press Freedom Concerns in Cyprus

Press freedom in Cyprus is facing challenges, with its global ranking dropping by ten points, now classified as “problematic” by Reporters Without Borders. The Green party calls for action to protect the vital role of the press in democracy.

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Commemorating the Eoka Uprising Anniversary

The Eoka uprising anniversary on April 1 in Cyprus marks the beginning of the fight for independence from British colonial rule in 1955. It’s a day to reflect on freedom, sovereignty, and the ongoing efforts for reunification and peace in Cyprus, honoring the legacy of those who fought for the nation’s identity and selfdetermination.

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Turkish Cypriot Social Media Journalist Released on Bail

Serdinc Maypa, a prominent Turkish Cypriot social media journalist, was released on a 35,000TL bail after facing charges for allegedly violating individuals’ privacy rights by sharing private documents. The case sparked discussions on freedom of speech and the delicate balance between privacy rights and press freedom in the community.

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Demands for Legal Reforms in Light of Journalist’s Postponed Trial

The repeated delay of journalist Ali Kismir’s trial in Cyprus for allegedly insulting the Turkish Cypriot armed forces has ignited demands for legal reforms to safeguard press freedom and revise outdated military crimes laws. The postponement has sparked a debate on the limits of free speech, the military’s role in civil discourse, and the influence on media and individual expression, prompting a call to action for legislative changes and protection of democratic values.

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