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Christodoulides ‘Tried to Prevent’ Case Against Auditor-General

President Nikos Christodoulides made efforts to prevent legal action against AuditorGeneral Odysseas Michaelides, despite initial distancing from the situation. The President’s shift from neutrality to intervention has sparked political concerns in Cyprus, as legal challenges unfold and raise questions about the balance of power and accountability in governance.

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Anastasiades Seeks €2m in Damages from ‘Defamatory’ Journalist

Nicos Anastasiades, the former President of Cyprus, is suing journalist Makarios Drousiotis for €2 million in damages over alleged defamatory claims in his books and an article. The lawsuit seeks both financial compensation and a court injunction to prevent the dissemination of the contentious content, underscoring the gravity of the accusations against Drousiotis and the importance of protecting Anastasiades’s reputation.

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Scandal at Osios Avakoum Monastery Rocks Religious and Political Realms

The scandal at Osios Avakoum Monastery involves money, illicit relationships, and accusations of staged miracles, implicating highranking individuals like expolice chief Kypros Michaelides and political figurehead Christos Christou, with a safe holding €800,000 confiscated and claims of monks’ kidnapping surfacing, raising integrity concerns within religious and political spheres. As an ecclesiastical court investigation unfolds, the community grapples with the fallout of this scandal, with public trust in law enforcement and religious institutions potentially at stake.

1 new political movement

New Political Movement Volt Cyprus Launches with Founding Ceremony

Volt Cyprus, the newest political party in Cyprus, launched with a founding ceremony at the ‘Filoxenia’ Conference Centre in Nicosia. With a vision for a socially just, prosperous, and united Cyprus within a strong Europe, Volt Cyprus aims to bring about progressive change and empower citizens to shape the nation’s political future.

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