1 motorway maintenance

roadworks closure

Upcoming Roadworks on Limassol-Nicosia Highway

Upcoming roadworks on the LimassolNicosia Highway include closures at the Kalamon roundabout entrance, nightly repairs for safety barrier enhancements, and maintenance on the Limassol bypass road. The closures and repairs are scheduled to take place until February 29, with specific times and alternative routes provided. Motorists are advised to exercise caution and follow temporary road signs to ensure personal safety and minimize disruptions during the construction period.

1 motorway maintenance

Ongoing Motorway Maintenance on Nicosia-Larnaca and Limassol-Nicosia Routes

The ongoing motorway maintenance on the NicosiaLarnaca and LimassolNicosia routes in Cyprus involves nighttime work to improve road surfaces and safety features. The NicosiaLarnaca maintenance includes road closures and rerouting of traffic, while the LimassolNicosia work involves partial lane closures with minimal disruptions. Motorists are advised to drive cautiously, follow speed limits, and pay attention to temporary road signs during these periods of maintenance.

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