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The Transformative Power of Make-up: Artistry and Expression in Cyprus

In Cyprus, Ilona G Garamvölgyi views makeup as a powerful tool for artistry and personal expression, connecting women to their heritage and empowering them through beauty. Her studio in Nicosia is a sanctuary where clients embark on transformative beauty journeys, guided by her handson approach and philosophy that emphasizes education as much as aesthetics.

1 mosaic artistry

Looking at Tradition with New Eyes

The revival of mosaic artistry in Cyprus, led by Loucia Serghiou, signifies a reconnection with the island’s heritage, bridging past and present through art. Serghiou’s work in her Nicosia workshop celebrates Cypriot culture, maintains traditional techniques, fosters community engagement, and inspires a new generation with the ancient craft of mosaic making.

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