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Unveiling Support for the Children of the Disappeared

The Cypriot government is offering financial and psychological support to the children of the disappeared from 1974, recognizing their unique struggles and aiming to provide tailored aid for healing and closure. President Nikos Christodoulides met with representatives of the children, including Anna Aristotelous, marking a significant step towards acknowledgment and assistance for those affected by this longstanding tragedy.

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Police Searching for Missing Limassol Teen

Layan Haj Taha, a 17yearold Syrian teen, has been missing from Limassol since July 1, 2024. Standing at 1.60 meters with shoulderlength black hair, authorities are urging the public to come forward with any information by contacting Limassol CID at 25805057 or the citizen’s hotline at 1460. Vigilance from all community members is essential in the search for Layan.

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Cyprus and Armenia Collaboration on Missing Persons

Cyprus and Armenia are joining forces to address the issue of missing persons, a shared challenge stemming from historical conflicts. This humanitarian alliance aims to locate and identify the lost, provide closure to affected families, and honor the memories of those who have vanished. Through collaboration, they are symbolizing hope and demonstrating the power of unity in addressing humanitarian concerns.

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French Woman Missing in Greece After Distress Text

The 73yearold French woman went missing on the Greek island of Sikinos after sending a distress text saying “I am fall,” sparking a heatwave amidst a 40°C temperature. Authorities and locals have launched an extensive search to find her, highlighting the dangers faced by tourists in Greece during the intense heat.

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Stalled Progress in the Cyprus Issue

The Cyprus issue remains unresolved, with President Nikos Christodoulides criticized for slow progress. Akel proposes reigniting peace talks through the Guterres Framework to counter Ankara’s actions and address the humanitarian concern of missing persons.

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SupportCY Volunteers Take Part in Missing Persons Training

SupportCY volunteers recently participated in missing persons training with Cyprus emergency services, improving search techniques and profiling skills for vulnerable individuals. A joint field exercise successfully located a ‘missing child’, showcasing effective teamwork and resource use, reinforcing community safety and preparedness for future cases.

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Determined Search for the Truth: The Quest for Missing Persons in Cyprus

Anna Aristotelous, head of Humanitarian Affairs for Missing and Enclaved Persons, is determined to uncover the truth about individuals who disappeared during the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus. Despite challenges, her team persists and has recently made significant progress with six identifications in one month. The symbolic Christmas tree unveiled during a ceremony represents the determination to continue the search for the missing, while prominent figures like Nicos Sergides have voiced their commitment to the cause. The event was attended by Defense Minister Michalis Giorgallas and Nicosia Mayor Constantinos Yiorkadjis, showcasing broad support for this important mission.

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