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Missiles Hit Odesa During High-Profile Meeting

During a highprofile meeting in Odesa, a missile strike near Ukrainian President Zelenskiy and Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis highlighted the ongoing conflict, emphasizing the need for solidarity and defense in the Black Sea region. The visit symbolized a strong message of support from the international community for Ukraine’s sovereignty and the fight against Russian aggression.

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Exhibition on Women’s War Experiences in Ukraine Opens in Limassol

“The Womanly Face of War” exhibition in Limassol sheds light on Ukrainian women’s experiences during the conflict, showcasing 30 works by nine artists. Organized by the US Embassy and Sunseed Art, it coincides with International Women’s Day and the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, highlighting the resilience and strength of women in war.

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Alphamega Supports EC’s #GetScreenedEU Campaign

Alphamega Hypermarkets has joined forces with the European Commission’s GetScreenedEU campaign to promote cancer screening awareness in Cyprus. Starting in November, their brochures will include information about the importance of early detection of breast, cervical, and colorectal cancers, along with a QR code to schedule screenings through the EC’s initiative.

1 men's health awareness

Cyprus Business Now

Alpha Bank Cyprus hosted an event to raise awareness about prostate cancer during Men’s Health Awareness Month, supporting early detection and prevention. The government of Cyprus has announced its commitment to supporting businesses through various programs, with funds secured for the 20212027 period. The Cyprus Stock Exchange witnessed a slight decline on November 16, with varied performance across different sectors.

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