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Trial Postponed for Fatal New Year Car Crash

The trial for the fatal New Year car crash in Limassol, which caused four deaths, has been postponed due to legal delays. This incident has highlighted the necessity for stricter road safety measures and responsible driving behaviors to prevent future tragedies and ensure justice for the victims’ families.

real estate fraud

Arrest for Fake Property Developer Scam

A 61yearold man was arrested in Famagusta for running a fake property developer scam, tricking a victim into paying €128,500 for homes on land he didn’t own. The police investigation exposed the fraud, leading to legal proceedings in the district court to address the deceitful scheme.

racist riots middle eastern migrants

Unrest in Limassol: Defendants Deny Involvement in Racist Riots

Twelve individuals in Limassol have pleaded not guilty to charges of instigating racist riots against Middle Eastern migrants. One minor has confessed to participating in the riots and is scheduled to be sentenced on February 28, while all accused have been released on bail pending further trial proceedings, sparking public calls for justice and expedited legal processes.

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