1 legal implications

real estate property contracts

Erection of extra floor by developer

Buyers must be aware of their rights and the legal implications when a developer decides to add an extra floor to a building, as this can lead to breaches of contract, diminished property value, and share of communal spaces. Recent Supreme Court decisions have upheld buyers’ rights to terminate agreements, seek refunds, and claim damages in such situations, emphasizing the importance of contractual obligations in property transactions.

migration maritime safety

Remand for Migrant Boat Driver

The migrant boat driver near Cape Greco faces charges of aiding illegal entry and unsafe maritime transportation for financial gain, remaining in remand for eight days as investigations continue. The interception of the overloaded vessel carrying 236 migrants underscores the dangers faced at sea, highlighting the importance of adhering to maritime safety regulations and upholding legal standards to ensure the wellbeing of all involved.

health workplace

President Intervenes in Broadcaster Dispute Over Health Compensation

President Nikos Christodoulides intervened to prevent the state broadcaster from appealing a court ruling awarding journalist Evdokia Loizou compensation for health damages, setting a precedent for employer accountability in workplace conditions. The Nicosia district court found the broadcaster responsible for Loizou’s encephalitis, highlighting the importance of maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.

money laundering robbery

Robbery Victim Entangled in Money Laundering Investigation

A robbery victim in Nicosia, claiming to have lost €420,000, was arrested for money laundering after authorities found her explanations for possessing large sums of cash insufficient. The 31yearold Ukrainian national faces charges of involvement with a criminal organization and conspiracy to commit a felony, shedding light on the shadowy world of financial crimes and the need for heightened vigilance against money laundering.

human trafficking legal implications

Harsh Consequences for Human Trafficking

The consequences of human trafficking are severe, as seen in the recent case in Cyprus where a 34yearold man was sentenced to three years in prison for smuggling 34 vulnerable individuals into the country. This legal action reflects the commitment of governments and international organizations to combat this global issue and protect the exploited from further harm.

1 legal implications

Seeking Revenge Against Audit Office Potentially ‘Illegal’

Initiating legal action against an audit office as revenge for reporting corruption may be illegal, as whistleblower laws protect against such retaliation. The ongoing conflict between Cyprus’s attorneygeneral’s office and the audit service will test the strength and independence of the country’s legal and anticorruption systems.

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