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Call for MEP Fidias to Apologize After ‘Mocking’ Missing

MEP Fidias Panayiotou faces calls for an apology after reportedly belittling a group representing missing persons of Cyprus, evoking shock and disappointment in the community. The incident underscores the importance of empathy in leadership, especially when dealing with sensitive historical issues, as families continue to seek closure and support in their quest for answers.

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Heeding Holguin’s Advice: Embracing the Future Beyond Conflict

Maria Angela Holguin advised Cyprus to shift focus from historical grievances towards a future of peace and unity, encouraging leaders to prioritize the wellbeing of their communities and envision a prosperous, united Cyprus without foreign occupation. The potential for progress towards resolution is bolstered by improving relations between Greece and Turkey, offering hope for a peaceful and stable future in the region.

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Annita Demetriou’s Steadfast Leadership

Amidst party strife, Annita Demetriou’s steadfast leadership as House president and leader of Disy shines. From managing internal disputes to a firm stance on foreign policy, she has evolved into a commanding political figure, uniting the party and establishing a council of elders for inclusive leadership.

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Anastasiades’ Legacy in Question Amid Controversial Claims

Former Cypriot president Nicos Anastasiades’ legacy is under scrutiny due to claims he considered a twostate solution for Cyprus, contradicting his public stance on reunification. Revelations from the Crans Montana talks and challenges from political peers seeking clarification cast doubt on his leadership narrative, raising questions about the true extent of his commitment to resolving the island’s division.

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Reflections on the Cyprus Reconciliation: The Unyielding Past

The UN envoy highlights deeply ingrained historical grievances and societal narratives of confrontation as the main barriers to reconciliation in Cyprus. Despite efforts to unite the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities, the lack of leadership, public will, and a collective consciousness entrenched in the past hinder progress towards a unified future.

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Embracing Change for the Future of Cyprus

In her farewell message, UN envoy Maria Angela Holguin emphasizes Cyprus’s need for new thinking to foster reconciliation and progress, urging a shift in mindset towards unity and optimism. Holguin’s call to action encourages Cypriots to embrace change, discard failed approaches, and create a future where the youth can flourish without the weight of past conflicts, paving the way for a secure and prosperous homeland.

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Presidential Palace Embraces Sustainability

The presidential palace of Cyprus has achieved sustainability by earning the ‘zero waste to landfill’ certification, setting a green example for other government buildings on the island. Sustainability efforts include replacing bottled water with water dispensers, introducing recycling bins, creating ecofriendly habitats, and promoting biodiversity on the palace grounds.

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President Congratulates EU Top-Job-Elects

President Nikos Christodoulides praised Ursula von der Leyen, António Costa, and Kaja Kallas for securing top EU roles, setting the stage for a stronger, unified European Union. These appointments highlight a commitment to bolstering the EU’s political and economic influence globally, paving the way for a future of shared prosperity and stability.

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Tanya Romanyukha: Driving Tech Innovation in Cyprus

Tanya Romanyukha, as General Manager of TechIsland, has significantly influenced Cyprus’s tech sector by advocating for reforms, fostering gender diversity, and bridging the gap between tech companies and investors. Her strategic initiatives have positioned Cyprus as an emerging tech hub, with a focus on education, inclusivity, and crosssectoral collaboration, leading to the tech industry’s substantial growth and contribution to Cyprus’s GDP.

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