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Sunny Outlook with a Chance of Showers

The weekend forecast presents a mix of sunshine and possible isolated storms, with temperatures reaching a high of 39°C inland and 3335°C along the coast on Friday. Saturday brings a foggy start and potential showers, making outdoor plans a bit unpredictable for those seeking adventure.

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Yellow Weather Warning: Anticipate Storms This Sunday

Residents should stay informed and prepared for the impending storms this Sunday by creating an emergency kit, securing outdoor furniture, and checking in on vulnerable neighbors. The yellow weather warning indicates a moderate risk of isolated strong storms, with a potential for hail, intense rainfall, and gusty winds, lasting from early morning till evening. Despite the stormy weather, sweltering temperatures are expected to persist, hinting at a warm yet tumultuous weekend ahead.

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2,500 have MS in Cyprus

Approximately 2,500 people in Cyprus are battling Multiple Sclerosis (MS), with a strong support system in place to aid in their fight. The country offers early diagnosis, personalized treatment plans, and advanced therapies, collaborating with institutions such as the Ministry of Health and patient associations to improve the lives of those living with MS.

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Today’s Weather: Heat, Dust, and Haze

Today’s weather includes heat with temperatures reaching up to 32C inland and 25C28C in coastal regions, and haze with airborne dust. Isolated rains and possible storms are expected in the afternoon, especially in the mountains. Winds will be weak to moderate, and sea conditions somewhat rough. Evening temperatures will drop to 15C19C.

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Today’s Weather: Possible Isolated Storms

This weekend’s forecast includes possible isolated storms with a yellow weather warning in effect, bringing peak temperatures of 25°C inland, 22°C on the coasts, and 16°C in the mountains on Saturday. Nighttime temperatures will drop to 10°C inland, 12°C on the coasts, and 6°C in the mountains, with Sunday continuing with cloudy skies, isolated rain showers, and potential storms, along with a cooling trend.

1 isolated storms

Isolated Storms Expected Over New Year’s

The New Year’s weekend weather will be mostly clear on Saturday, with temperatures dropping to 7C inland and slightly milder along the coast. However, isolated storms are expected on Sunday, mainly in the west and mountains, and will continue for the first few days of the new year. Stay prepared with an umbrella and warm clothes to make the most of the celebrations.

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