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Bank of Cyprus Celebrates a Milestone with International Recognition

The Bank of Cyprus has been awarded the title “Best Financial Institution Bond in Southeast Europe” by EMEA Finance for its impressive €220 million AT1 capital raise that showcased its financial strength and operational success. This international recognition highlights the bank’s significant achievements and growth trajectory, marking a milestone in its journey towards becoming a prominent player in the financial sector of Southeast Europe.

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International Theatre Festival Debuts in Cyprus

The Cyprus International Theatre Festival debuts in Limassol, featuring the premiere of “Apocalypse Tomorrow” by Kirill & Friends, a groundbreaking play exploring dialogue, trauma, and the human condition. This cultural bridge aims to enrich Cyprus’s artistic landscape, offering avantgarde performances that foster international dialogue and collaboration.

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April Concerts Welcome International Guests

In April, the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra will captivate audiences with a series of concerts featuring international guests and local talents. Highlights include performances of Vivaldi’s *The Four Seasons* and Mozart’s Symphony no. 40, Mozart’s *Requiem* in honor of Marinos Mitellas, and the Cyprus premiere of Jenkins’ *The Armed Man* by the Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Really Big Chorus.

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Private Education in Cyprus: A Response to Global Influences

Private education in Cyprus is booming due to global influences like geopolitical instability, the Ukrainian crisis, and a thriving tech sector in Limassol. Schools are expanding and adapting to meet the demands of international families and local Cypriots seeking quality education amidst changing demographics, with regions like Limassol, Larnaca, and Nicosia seeing significant growth in the educational sector.

1 international matchmaking event

Cyprus Business Now

EEN Cyprus, a member of the Enterprise Europe Network, provides guidance and support to entrepreneurs and businesses looking to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the EMC event and beyond. They offer assistance in navigating the complexities of crossborder commerce and connecting with potential partners, helping businesses innovate, expand, and stay uptodate with market trends and technological advancements.

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