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Six Men Arrested for Smuggling Migrants

The recent arrests of six Syrian men in Cyprus shed light on ongoing efforts to combat illegal migrant smuggling, emphasizing the desperate circumstances of those seeking a better life. With 500 migrants intercepted from Lebanon on boats with payments up to $3,000 each, the arrests are part of a larger strategy to dismantle smuggling networks and protect vulnerable individuals from exploitation.

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Attempted Migrant Smuggling Thwarted Off Cypriot Coast

In a recent operation off the Cypriot coast near Cape Greco, two individuals were arrested for attempting to smuggle 458 migrants from Lebanon, charging each person around $3,000. The migrants are now safe and receiving care at the Pournara Reception Centre, while the suspects are facing charges for facilitating mass illegal migration.

1 illegal migration

Europol’s Stance Against Illegal Migration: Operation Task Force Limassol

Operation Task Force Limassol, led by Cyprus with assistance from Latvia and Portugal, is a joint effort supported by Europol and Eurojust to crack down on a criminal network involved in orchestrating sham virtual marriages for illegal migration and residency within the EU. The operation resulted in the arrest of 15 individuals connected to crimes such as human trafficking, money laundering, and forgery, marking a significant stride in international legal cooperation.

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