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Migrant Vessels Intercepted Near Cape Greco

Cyprus’ port police successfully intercepted two migrant boats near Cape Greco, towing the first with 97 individuals on board to safety, and assisting the second boat, carrying 101 migrants, to the Ayia Napa marina. All migrants underwent registration and received necessary care.

migration deputy ministry

Navigating the Complex Landscape of a New Deputy Ministry for Migration

The proposal to create a new Deputy Ministry for Migration in Cyprus is facing a multitude of challenges, including legal issues, staffing concerns, and opposition from various groups. The Institute of Demographic and Immigration Policy has recommended amendments to the bill, while the public servants’ union Pasydy and social welfare services have raised concerns about transferring employees. Additionally, community unrest has sparked questions about the location of migrant teen protection centres. Despite these obstacles, the journey towards establishing a more comprehensive migration policy framework continues.

1 illegal immigration

Paphos Police Clamp Down on Illegal Immigration

In Paphos, 22 individuals were detained for residing without legal permission during a police operation to enforce Cyprus’s immigration laws and control its borders. The authorities have initiated repatriation processes for the detainees as part of their efforts to maintain control over the country’s borders.

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