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Confusion Over Destination of Aid Ship Persists

The RFA Lyme Bay aid ship, carrying over 80 tonnes of humanitarian aid, is currently stalled off the coast of Cyprus, awaiting consent from both sides of the IsraelGaza conflict for docking and distribution. Cyprus is playing a role in storing and potentially transferring the aid, while diplomatic and logistical challenges, including discussions with the Israeli government and the establishment of a sea corridor, are contributing to the delay.

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Humanitarian Aid to Gaza: Cyprus’ Mission of Mercy

Doctors Without Borders Cyprus has launched an urgent humanitarian aid mission to provide medical care and support to the victims of violence in Gaza, collaborating with the Egyptian Red Crescent to deliver essential supplies. Their mission reflects the importance of international cooperation in addressing humanitarian crises and serves as a testament to the impact a community can have when it comes together to help others in need.

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Cyprus Votes for Ceasefire in Gaza at UN General Assembly

Cyprus voted in favor of a ceasefire and humanitarian aid in Gaza at the UN General Assembly, joining 152 countries in calling for an immediate end to hostilities and the release of hostages. The vote highlighted the importance of international humanitarian law and the Middle East peace process, sparking both international response and domestic debate.

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Humanitarian Aid Fueled by Real Estate Transactions

A new levy, set at 0.4 percent of real estate transactions, has raised around €43 million to support refugees in financial distress. There are discussions about potential exemptions for sales involving nonperforming loans, and taxpayers who qualify may be eligible for refunds.

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Cyprus’ Push for Humanitarian Aid to Gaza Through Maritime Corridor

Cyprus is pushing to establish a maritime corridor to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza, demonstrating its commitment to crisis management and civilian protection. President Nikos Christodoulides emphasized the importance of meetings with leaders from Egypt and Jordan in extending support to the wartorn region, highlighting the urgent need to safeguard civilians amidst the conflict.

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March for Peace: A Call to Action in Nicosia for Gaza

The march in Nicosia on Sunday at 3pm is a powerful display of unity, calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and urgent humanitarian aid, while upholding international law and showing solidarity towards the Palestinian people. Cyprus, known for its longstanding advocacy for peace and justice, aims to extend a hand of practical solidarity and adhere to international norms in their pursuit for global peace.

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Humanitarian Aid Bound for Gaza Through Cyprus Corridor

The Cyprus humanitarian corridor is set to deliver muchneeded aid to Gaza, with the first packages expected to arrive in the coming days. The strategic selection of the port of Larnaca and support from international partners, including Qatar, demonstrates a global commitment to easing the humanitarian crisis in the region.

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