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Fire Ravages Popular Nicosia Café

A fire devastated a popular café in Tseri, Nicosia, on Tseriou Avenue early morning, causing significant damage to the ground floor and mezzanine. Emergency responders swiftly contained the blaze, ensuring no casualties and launching investigations into the cause.

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Cyprus Faces Firefighting Challenges as Summer Approaches

Cyprus is facing a critical challenge with firefighting readiness as summer approaches, due to the unavailability of necessary aircraft for fire suppression. Repair delays and incomplete lease arrangements have left the island unprepared for potential forest fires during the upcoming dry and hot months. Despite these obstacles, firefighting services aim to be fully operational by early June.

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Historic Limassol Landmark Engulfed in Flames

In Limassol, Cyprus, a historic building near the Technology University was engulfed in flames, prompting a swift response from firefighters who evacuated four individuals and worked to prevent the blaze from spreading to nearby homes. The community, deeply concerned about the preservation of its cultural heritage, anxiously awaits the outcome of this tragic event.

1 firefighting capabilities

Forestry Department Boosts Firefighting Arsenal

The forestry department has acquired nine large tractors and eight excavators to strengthen its firefighting capabilities and establish fire zones and forest roads. This proactive approach highlights the department’s commitment to protecting Cypriot forests from the constant threat of wildfires and ensuring the safety of the region’s natural landscapes.

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