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Tussle during Limassol Murder Trial

During the Limassol murder trial, a physical altercation erupted in the courthouse corridor between a friend of the victims and the brother of one of the defendants, adding a layer of tension to the already complex case. The injured party received medical attention, and authorities initiated an investigation into the incident that stemmed from the double homicide trial.

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Cyprus’s Strong Stance Against Violence in Sports

Cyprus is cracking down on sports violence through legal action, enhanced stadium security, educational initiatives, and collaboration between law enforcement, sports bodies, and communities for a zerotolerance approach, exemplified by the trial of a 24yearold man involved in a firecracker incident at a football match between Apoel and Nea Salamina. The incident has sparked discussions on safety measures, prompting proposals for increased security, technology use, and fan education to foster a safe and respectful sports environment.

1 fan violence

Addressing Hooliganism: A Closer Look at Proposed Measures

Recent proposals to address hooliganism at sporting events include mandatory CCTV installation in firstdivision stadiums, extended stadium bans for lawbreaking fans, increased police oversight during fan card inspections, and the authority for police to conduct alcohol and drug tests near stadiums. While these measures aim to improve safety, concerns have been raised about privacy and civil liberties.

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