1 eu decision-making process

eu decision-making process veto power

House President Advocates for Retention of EU Member States’ Veto Power

The House President, Annita Demetriou, passionately advocates for the retention of EU member states’ veto power to maintain balance, protect smaller countries, and prevent a divided Europe. Demetriou’s concerns are especially relevant to Cyprus’s unique challenges, and the upcoming European Council meeting will address proposed legislative amendments that could potentially abolish the veto power.

1 eu decision-making process

EU Unanimity Rule: A Debate on Efficiency and Sovereignty

The debate surrounding the EU unanimity rule revolves around the balance between efficiency and national sovereignty. Some member states advocate for a shift to a qualified majority system for foreign policy decisions, while opponents argue that this would undermine the sovereignty of smaller states. President Nikos Christodoulides has refrained from opposing the initiative, suggesting a possible shift towards a more coherent and assertive EU on the global stage.

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