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Okypy Hourly Staff to Strike on July 23

Okypy hourly staff are set to strike on July 23 due to unmet demands and perceived mistreatment, seeking implementation of agreed terms for better welfare and quality health services. Unions Sek and Peo have called for the strike after unsuccessful dialogues with authorities, potentially impacting health services in the state.

aviation strike

Airport Strike Leaves Flights Unaffected

The strike by airport staff at Larnaca and Paphos airports, led by the Pasydy union, was a response to the alleged removal of service posts by the Department of Civil Aviation, causing staff shortages. Despite the disruption, travelers passing through the airports experienced no noticeable delays or cancellations, thanks to swift action by airport operators and the short duration of the strike.

union emergency responders

Isotita Union Welcomes Rescue Workers

The inauguration of Isotita Union’s new branch for rescue workers marks a pivotal moment in advocating for their rights and elevating emergency services standards across Cyprus. Led by Panayiotis Philippou, the union aims to secure fair employment terms and foster international collaborations to empower and support these essential safety professionals.

cyprus reconciliation

Diplomatic Dinner at Ledra Palace Sparks Discussion on Cyprus Resolution

The diplomatic dinner at Ledra Palace, attended by Greek Cypriot President Nikos Christodoulides and Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar, marked their first meeting in over a year, raising hopes for renewed dialogue on Cyprus’ division. With the appointment of a new envoy, Maria Cuellar, there is cautious optimism that the dinner was a prelude to potential reconciliation and progress in finding a solution to the longstanding Cyprus issue.

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Christodoulides and Tatar to attend UN reception in Nicosia

President Nikos Christodoulides and Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar will be attending a UN reception in Nicosia, which aims to bring together key figures in Cyprus and showcase international support for resolving the island’s divide and advancing peace efforts. This informal platform could potentially lead to significant diplomatic interactions and pave the way for progress in peace talks.

1 eac unions

EAC Unions Anticipate Crucial Meeting with Energy Minister

The upcoming meeting between EAC unions and Energy Minister George Papanastasiou will address crucial issues including understaffing, challenges in integrating renewable energy, and the urgent need for modernizing the Dhekelia power station. The unions have warned of potential industrial action if these pressing concerns remain unresolved, setting the stage for a potentially transformative gathering in the future of energy management and labor relations in Cyprus.

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